About Us Peninsula Acres

Joshua’s lifetime interest in maple syrup and honey, as well as his vision to plant an apple orchard and create his own garlic strain; blends beautifully with Renee’s desire to develop all-natural products, raise free-range birds, grow flowers, fruits and vegetables and utilize her own unique creativity.  Oh, it's very exciting that in 2022 we are building a commercial kitchen with a walk-in fridge that will be certified and health inspected.  

Our Products

Our maple syrup is done the old-fashioned way, pulled out of the bush in buckets on toboggans, boiled over a wood fire outside while family takes turns day and night to keep the fires going. Our honey is collected from hives that sit in pastures surrounded by open fields where cattle graze freely and wildflowers are abundant.

Our butter is a wonderful combination of our own maple syrup and honey, whipped with butter and spiced with cinnamon.

There are 8 varieties in our apple orchard where we invite families to come and pick their own and hope to someday work on making our own apple cider.

Our garlic is elephant in size, there are seasonal fruits and vegetables, flower bouquets and sunflowers, as well as fresh eggs from our happy, free-range chickens.

All of our products are made with beeswax and completely natural products, in-house and are used by us daily. We offer lotions, scrubs, lip balm, warming salve, hair masks, deodorants, and a variety of beeswax candles in all different shapes and sizes.

There is a cute shed by the road of our acreage where we sell some of the products you see here, as well as a few other surprises, stop in, we’d love to have you!